The Harris County Budget Management Department website presents detailed information regarding Harris County debt obligations, which are secured by a pledge of property taxes.  The schedules include Harris County Toll Road Authority (HCTRA) unlimited tax supported bonds, which have always been paid from Toll Road revenues.  Also included are Hotel Occupancy Tax (HOT) bonds that are paid from Harris County's Hotel Occupancy Tax.

Please click on the link below to be redirected to the Harris County Budget Management website and follow the below listed instructions to get a list of Harris County debt obligations.

  1. Please click on "Budget & Financial",
  2. A pulldown menu will appear, please move your cursor to "Debt Management"
  3. Another pulldown menu will appear, please move your cursor to "Debt Reports" which will provide
    1. Debt Supported by Ad Valorem Taxes
    2. Debt Supported by Revenues
    3. Permanent Improvement Bonds (PIB)
    4. Road Bonds
    5. Flood Control Limited Tax Bonds
    6. Hotel Occupancy Tax (HOT) Bonds
    7. Toll Road Tax Bonds

The above link and directions will also provide debt summaries by issue including HCTRA revenue bonds, Hospital District obligations and the Port of Houston Authority (PoHA) bonds, which are not Harris County obligations.

  1. Toll Road Revenue Bonds
  2. Port of Houston Bonds
  3. Hospital District Certificates of Obligation