Integrity | Transparency | Responsibility

Office Description

The Harris County Treasurer is the chief custodian of all Harris County funds. The Treasurer’s Office receives and deposits all monies received in the county’s depository bank. The Treasurer is also responsible for disbursing county funds as directed by the Commissioners Court. The Treasurer’s Office maintains records of all funds deposited and withdrawn from the county's bank accounts. We reconcile all county funds bank statements to ensure their accuracy and the safety of county funds. In addition, the Treasurer submits a monthly report to Commissioners Court regarding the county’s finances.

The Treasurer sits on the county’s Bail Bond Board, which regulates bail bond licenses, and the Treasurer’s office holds the required collateral. The Treasurer also sits on the county’s Investment and Audit Committees and may sit on AD HOC special project committees as needed.


Modernize County Government

Develop ways for county residents to have the ability to make payments online and over the phone, which will save time and increase efficiency

Develop a process for locating the long list of individuals who are owed unclaimed funds from Harris County

Develop technological advances to evaluate and provide detailed reporting of percentages, demographics, and trends of the companies/ contractors doing business with Harris County

Partner with Commissioners Court:

The County Treasurer will partner with the Commissioners Court to ensure all actions are resolved in a timely manner, and to enhance community engagement for increased transparency within County government