The Office

Administration 832-927-6868

Sonya Anderson

Director of Treasury Operations

Sonya Anderson began employment with Harris County in August 2002 as an Accounting Clerk handling return items, reconciling over 200 bank accounts and approving wire transactions.

In 2013, she was promoted to Administrator handling unclaimed funds and standing as the liaison for the Treasury Department. In 2019, she became Director of Operations overseeing the day-to-day transactions and generating a monthly report of funds disbursed for Commissioners Court.

Camryn Odom

Special Projects Mananger

Camryn Odom serves as Special Projects Manager and Administrative Assistant to the Treasurer. She began employment with the Treasury Department in December of 2022, after working on a Senate campaign in the 2022 midterm elections. As administrative assistant she is responsible for scheduling, creating purchase orders and expense reports, paying invoices, keeping inventory, updating monthly Bail Bond reports, and prepping release of collateral documents. As special project manager, she conducts research, organizes, and helps implement county-wide community outreach programs and other department projects.

Deposit Team 832-927-6868

Erica Lopez

Deposit Supervisor

Erica Lopez began her employment with Harris County in 2010 as a Cashier for the Treasurer’s Office. Within five years she progressed and was promoted as the Deposit Section Supervisor. In this role, she leads the Deposit Section and oversees the recording and receipting of incoming funds for the County while working closely with the Harris County Auditor’s Office. 

She has received multiple Certificates of Merit from the Harris County Judge and County Commissioners. Prior experience includes serving as a teller, Sr. teller and supervisor with well-known corporate banking entities.

Leticia Vazquez

Assistant Deposit Supervisor

Leticia Vazquez serves as a deposit assistant with the Treasury Department. She started her journey with the County as a Cashier in May of 2022. Within a year, she was promoted to Deposit Assistant. In this new position she has gained more responsibilities, applying and recording payments to corresponding accounts, invoices, and customers. 

These payments are deposited via ACH, wires, and mailed payments. Amongst other duties, I come to work energized, positive, and dedicated to my everyday duties.

Michelle Heath

Accounting Clerk

Michelle Heath is an Accounting Clerk in the Treasurer’s office, and has worked for the County for 5 years. Prior experience includes over 17 years in banking. She is responsible for logging, verifying, and scanning financial wires and treasury receipts, as well as processing credit card deposits for various departments within the county. 

She is also responsible for processing returned checks as well as credit card chargebacks and distributing them to the appropriate departments. She assists in preparing the monthly report for the Commissioners Court.

Ashley Luna


Ashley Luna serves as a Cashier for the Harris County Treasurer. She processes incoming payments, performs daily transactions, reconciles daily, and prepares deposits as well as deposit reports for cash pick ups.

Disbursing Team 832 927-6865

Nataly Ramirez

Disbursing Supervisor

Nataly Ramirez is the Disbursement Supervisor for the Harris County Treasurer’s Office. She has worked for the Treasurer’s Office for 11 years and is am responsible for processing ACH payments, initiating wires, providing quality customer service and further.

Erma Warner

Assistant Disbursing Supervisor

Erma Warner begins her employment with Harris County in 1999 as Expunction/Exhibit Clerk for Harris CountyDistrict Clerk. In 2003 she went on to work for Harris County Auditor’s Office for 17 years. Since 2020, she has been employed with the Harris County Treasury Department as a Disbursement Clerk.

Erma’s day to day activity includes quality customer service to internal and external customers, disbursing county payments as directed by Commissioners Court and Port of Houston, recording financial payments, processing affidavits stop payment request, etc. Erma has received many service awards and way to go recognitions for her dedication and knowledge.